Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Memories on a Convention at the end of the world I

An intense weekend. Last Friday I reached the Second Chilean Origami Convention, in the southern town of Purranque, to found about 50 persons, from several countries, already assisting to workshops, social activities and technical talks of a great level. And sharing in community in the small dorm-school of that quiet and beautiful town.

My arrival was unexpected: From the driest desert I flew thousands of km, to the forested and rainy zone of the lakes of Chile, to get a little regional bus, where their passenger helped me to know where exactly was the school and even detoured the bus to get me there (I love the countryside).

The school was empty, the door opened; a few brazilian were taken a shower and I just get installed in one of the beds on the male dorms. There we were, a real military bunk bed's dorm, the "Origami Unit".

Finally rest of the people arrived, and soon I was submerged in a fascinating group, energetic, focused on origami but deeply human nonetheless. It became an after-hour of coffe, bread and folding, after a complete day of workshoping, which extended very late in the morning. It was my first experience on this art as a collective activity, as a social thing, amazing.

Not like I've loose perspective (I've seen many things in a long life), but I realized the differences between them, the tones: modular players, born designers, enthusiastic young folders, a real hustle and bustle. And Masters Diaz and Strobl in the middle of it, simple and relaxed, enjoying happily of this animated jam-session of talking and folding.

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