Monday, February 05, 2007

First Entry

I've been practicing origami since four years in a self-made way and consider myself just as a simple folder, standing on a point much further from the necessary to make proper expertise opinions or useful technical commentaries about this handcraft art and game. However, the hurry of the becoming for the
Second Chilean Origami Convention, now on Feb 16th, and the recounting of the moments that it will provide, made me create this logbook, I'll try to contribute a little from my deep south country, Chile.

And since I don't have yet own designs, I think I will concentrate my entrys in the experience of folding and how it have helped me to get new points of view for my understanding of life, facing the changes and the different stages of it, day by day, with patience, sad moments and happy rewards. Like this image attached, one of my first attempts of the impressive Panda bear from Stephen O'Hanlon (but we will talk about that later).

The human being plays and express himself, and sometimes he does both, I'm convinced that there is the place of his maximum nature.

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