Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pasquale D'Auria Swan

World is a complex place, so complex that it gives its space to simplicity. In the course of a life it gives us thousands of simple but powerful moments: a laugh, a smart answer, the instantaneous pleasure of a music that makes everything fits its place on sense and purpose. I dare to think, at least for myself, that in them lies much more happiness than in the elaborated plans we make for living. Among the numerous free figures that can be found on the internet, most are simple and their diagrams rarely goes over the 30-40 steps, and therefore they are a fascinating source to find these amazing models full of beauty, aesthetic sense and elegance. Some months ago I showed one of these figures, the squirrel from american Perry Bailey, and now I do the same with this incredible swan, which diagram can be found on the Spanish Origami Association website.

One of its best characteristics is its three dimensional volume, something that is never considered when evaluating origami but that for me is a vital consideration since we live in a world beyond photography or diagram. Models that look ok only from certain angles, or that have ugly multilayered sides. This Swan, in the other hand, apart from the empty shell that lies below it, shows a perfect and gorgeous swan about to flight. The author is the italian Pasquale D’Auria and it also challenges us to fold its curved surfaces and elegance. It has became one of my favorites and I invite you all, fiercely, to fold it, to love it, and to give it as a miracle.