Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three Days to Grow Up

The Third Chilean Origami Convention is at hand and, as the last year, there will be three intense days of workshops, exposition and meeting of friends. People from Argentina, Peru, Brasil, Central América, maybe Spain, will gather the second weekend of February in the deep south of Chile, in the beautiful and easy town of Purranque on the Xth Region de Los Lagos.

I extend here the invitation to all of you to make the effort of joining this incredible experience. To travel to Chile is as hard as beautiful, but certainly worth of. Last year we shared with Masters Roman Diaz and Heinz Strobl, who made the expo a real luxury; this year the newiwill be the expedition to one of the gorgeust and most diverse Nature Reserve of the country, on the last day; we will lose in secret paths between the Evergreen woods, the hidden lakes and the thermal springs of the National Park Puyehue, at the bottom of the Andes High Mountains.

Visit Origami Chile website to join the Convention, believe me it will be quite and adventure. I'm already preparing my figures and anxiously waiting to February, to met again great friends and new ones, I leave you also the detail of the last day's Nature Raid.