Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Perfect Model

All these years I've thinked on origami as a combination of game, art, perseverance and patience, and fascination. Along in this way I've done several figures and models, all of them showing one or more of these characteristics, and there are those rare exceptions that group all of them on it, being real gems that gives maximun pleasure on folding and gifting them.

I taped this third video for Internet, hoping to honour the creation of a great origami author: American Perry Bailey, passed away some years ago, who gave this figure unselfishly to anyone who wishes to fold it, with the real spirit people who practices this craft should have: to be free from his creations, give themselves to the art and not to the art pieces. I hope you enjoy it and helps many to fold this awesome squirrel around the globe.

grandes saludos.