Friday, February 29, 2008

A Book for Latin America

One of the works I was involved this year on the III Chilean International Convention was the edition of the conmemorative book of it. We had a deep debt with many authors who had sent their works for the last year's book and weren't published because the reception was closed and the book was already been printed; several friends from Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia, among other countries.

Our Region does not have enough media nor publications to show and share the enormous work that hundreds of creators do in silence, with remarkable devotion and dedication. We decided then to put an special latin american accent on this year's book, trying to collect a wide number of works from many countries and different levels of hardness. Someway, it went beyond our craziest dreams: More than 40 models, from 11 countries, form th 130 pages of this book, where pressence of Masters Nicolas terry from France, Román Díaz from Uruguay, Daniel Naranjo from Colombia and Fernando Gilgado from Spain honore us far beyond our expectations, setting us a hard mark for next year.

With pride and humility I present here the Index of figures (in spanish), in a way to spread the existence of this beautiful book in which we put so much work and love. I want to highlight specially the gorgeous stars from a great friend and talented friend, since now unplublished: Aldo Marcell from Nicaragua, altogether with the huge group of friends from Colombia who sent us their fantastic models.

We wish this to be a contribution, our contribution, to the latin american bibliography we must build together, which reflects our work and our way, and be a testimony, among others and to History, about the art of paperfolding in our Continent.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Origami at the Edge of the world

Third International Origami Convention on Chile finished las Sunday in the southern town of Purranque and we had an incredible time. Though we were a few less than last year and we missed some deep friends that couldn't make the travel here mostly due to economical reasons everything was perfect and we experienced great moments, an exhibition with a great level, excellent workshops, an amazing book (three clues: Román Díaz, Nicholas Terry and Daniel Naranjo, among 40 other creators from more than 11 countries) and a vast number of moments to share and grow in the origami friendship.

The Exhibition.

Origamists from Chile, Colombia and Argentina arrived to Purranque to show a great group of works from several countries and a great level. Among them were the beautiful collection sent by our friends in Colombia, the works of Patricio Kunz about figures of Kamiya and his own, the modular works of Noelia Avila and Beatriz Gonzalez from Argentina and Chile, the amazing models of Nicolas Gajardo (one of our local credits), which its astonishing Hunter Eagle won the Best Figure's Prize of the Convention, the chilean Fauna models from Miguel Kaiser and many, many others. I humbly presented a large Hojio Takashi's Icarus in Aconcagua paper of 91x91 cm and a Roman Diaz's Unicorn in the same format, altogether with some old foldings.

The Workshops.

The Double Tissue Paper Workshop, given by Miguel Kaiser, the Optimized Box Pleating, from Nico Gajardo, the Flexicube of argentinean Meri Affranchino , Origami in spiral, Noelia's workshop, highlighted between many others with great results. Me, at least this year I could keep my students interested until the end of the class hehehe (excellent students also :) ).

Saturday Night Party.

Just a couple of pictures to you figure out how was it :D ...

The Trip to the National Park and Resrve of Puyehue.

Perhaps the best activity of the Convention. Taking advantage of the proximity with one of the gorgeoust and biodiverse chilean Natural Reserve, the last day of the Weekend we detined to visit the evergreen forests and the astonishing rivers of the southest corners of the world, memories we will carry on our hearts forever.

But beyond all those expriences, again the very best of this meeting were the people, it was a closed and plenty of friendship encounter, which filled up us of strength and enthusiasm for the next challenges and projects we have planned for the next years as an organization. From here I send a deep hug to all of them and wait to meet them again soon, together with the friend that couldn't make it this year.

If you wish, you can see all the pictures I took this year, on this gallery .

Many greetings to all.