Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Origami International Day!

I didn't know there was an International Day of Origami. It was born as an iniciative of the north american group Origami USA, altogether with the British Origami Society. In Japan there is already a conmemmorative day, November 11th, the day when the traditional paper crane became an official symbol of peace. It was thought then to use it, but Alas! in english-speaker societies that date is War Veteran's Day (Origami doesn't lack of irony, I guess).

It was chosen then October 24th, birth date of Lillian Oppenheimer (1898-1992), founder in 1958 of the first Origami group in America: FOCA ("Friends of Origami Center of America", which was going to become Origami USA), besides her, the group included also Isao Honda from Japan and Robert Harpin from England; she was later founder member of the British Origamy Society in 1967.

In South America the oldest references we found them in Dr. Vicente Solorzano Sagredo (founder of the Argentinean Origami Museum in 1954, closed on 1961), Ligia Montoya and Adolfo Cerceda (Argentina).

Due to her enthusiasm and vitality promoting this art, Lillian Oppenheimer is considered the tru "mother" of western origami. However to me this date still doesn't look too wide world consent taking in consideration Eastern Europe, Africa or Central and South America. It is reasonable for me to take November 11th (with the bow of the Veterans), since it is also a date related to peace and Art, to the bottom line, is an act of communication and understanding between people.

The propposal then is to celebrate from Oct 24th to Nov 11th the International Days of Origami. So, joining it I thought to tape and share a new set of videos, to fold the beautifull horse from japanese Noboru Mijayima, its diagram is available on his website. I hope you enjoy folding it :D

I send a massive hug to all origamists in the world and specially to the brave ones who try it for the first time!


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