Friday, May 08, 2009

Between the Folds of Life

Last week we had an unexpected and motivating encounter. Passing by Chile was a member of the Spanish Origami Association, Olga de Pedro, a fantastic, enthusiastic and funny person. she sent us a last-minute mail and some of us that could get off job went to met her at her Hotel the last day she was on Santiago. In her and her husband's eyes and talk you could see they were coming from an astonishing travel, through the glaciers and ices of the Aysen region, the Patagonian steppes of the end's world and the singular deserts of Atacama. And we seat to talk about origami... sharing experiences, introduce ourselves, tell her about our group, the activities we have done, possible travels and realities.

Sudden we were, as Olga said, putting faces to the names, to what is written on forums or web sites; I felt stronger than ever, the need of an Spanish-talking magazine, that circulates and be read in Spain and America, to have a closer community, to see us and recognize the friends in news from Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, Zaragoza, Burgos or Madrid. Also last week we had on Origami Chile's anniversary a video conference with friends in Colombia and it was exciting, was like to seat all of us in the same living room and be part of the same meeting, as one big group of friends...

Travels and visits are essentials but, between them, to fill the emptiness of missing the friends, to know what are they doing, what are they folding , what new models have they created, it is necessary to have a publication, where to announce of conventions and projects, where to propone theory and introduce the new young talents. Internet is a good platform, but nothing compares to a magazine, made of paper, to carry it on the bag, to read it with love and to pass the pages, releasing the secrets of every new turn of them.

The idea we have discussed it many times, important creators has showed us their enthusiasm of participate on it. That were what I was thinking drinking my beer, when I founded a little piece of paper hidden on the pages f the book that Olga was carrying, I took it instinctively and I began to fold.

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