Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little More on Kawasaki New Rose

Checking statistics, the most popular entry (by far) is the one about the Kawasaki New Rose, diagrammed by Winson Chan. A year ago, I've showed a description about the folding of it, starting with the two main diagonals and not precreasing explicitly that annoying grid at 22.5 deg. I've done a couple of videos to show how I do this, at least on its more complicated steps. The first of them shows the first steps, corresponding to steps 9 to 11 on Chan's diagram, of course without doing the grid.

A second video shows how to create the main creases of one of the quadrants.

and finally, the closing and finishing of the rose.

I hope you enjoy them and that clarifies a little mi confuse diagram, complementing what was already said.

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